Fabletics – a newbies review

Lets just start off that I am not a fan of shopping online. I am
one of those people who like to touch, inspect, see and yes, even smell
a product before I buy it. I am always leary of online purchases because you never know what you are getting. That being said I took the proverbial leap and
joined Fabletics for athletic wear for walking/running. I have read many great things and was in need of athletic wear and wasn’t all too impressed with what I was seeing locally. Fast forward to now. I purchased the Columba 2 piece outfit which consists of the Neema Tank and Winn Mid Rise Capri.
 photo fabletics_zpsl9iic9k9.jpg
 photo fabletics1_zps0s6vgvul.jpg
When I got them I immediately tried them on. The fit is on pointe and the materials are of great quality. Mucho impresso. This outfit is definitely my favorite. No rubbing seams, no fabric shifting. And yes it even passed the smell test. I know I am just a wee bit weird LOL. Since then I have purchased the Reese Emery Cold Weather Half-Zip Winn Mid Rise Legging which has a half zip jacket with long sleeves with the thumb hole & niffy back pocket and the same Winn leggings only in full length not capri. photo fableticsreese1_zpsfhfnipwj.jpg I wanted another pair of the leggings and the thumb hole jacket so this was the perfect combo. The leggings are shown in print but come in black or navy as well. I am not a print fan so I was even more thrilled they came in black.

Now I have read many complaints about Fabletics , not about the product but in regards to their VIP membership. To be a VIP you join (thus getting the first outfit for $24.95) and are offered to buy an outfit a month, if an outfit isn’t chosen by you then an outfit will be chosen for you. NOW RELAX! This is the part people seem to ignore and go crazy for no reason. You can opt out of the outfit purchase , as long as you do it online between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Really no biggie. And you can cancel your membership at any time. At no point are you forced to purchase anything or charged. Which I see complaints about the concept of but are wrong about.

So far, I am a big fan. The products are quality and are a fair price. The simple issue of opting out of a outfit once a month between those dates is really a minor issue. Silly nonsense really. In fact this information is repeated on the Fabletics page over and over, very clearly. You get enough emails to remind you of this as well. FYI I am not being paid for this post, just simply sharing my opinion. So if you are thinking of joining Fabletics… DO IT.

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