Clay sand dollar & leather bracelet tutorial

I have been having fun with polymer clay recently and came up with this clay sand dollar and leather bracelet.
I am sharing the instuctions on how to make your own bracelet. So easy , fun and gorgeous.

1.First soften your clay by hand, roll into a ball and press into your sand dollar mold.

( I used a modge podge silicone mold available at Micheals arts and crafts)
2. Once it is pressed in neatly ( *do not over fill mold)

take two eye pins and bend them in a z pattern (see photos) and press into clay. (if needed make tiny clay balls and press
into mold to cover eyepins)
The reason for the bending is so the eyepins do not slide out after baking.

3. Once done pop the mold with the clay inside into the freezer for about 10 minutes. ( this will firm up the clay so you
can pop out the sand dollar)
4. Bake clay sand dollar according to instructions on the clay you used. (different clays have different
baking times)

5. Once out and cooled I painted mine gold, let dry and white washed with white paint. ( I did not seal mine but you can if you wish)

6. Once dried I put my leather through the eye pin, slid a bed over the leather ,tied a knot in the end and added my crimp cord at the end along with
my clasp.

I also did a few variations of gold & white, blue & white and blue & silver. You can use white clay without painting but I found
that this doesn’t show up the detailing as well. But feel free to experiment…Have Fun!

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog1_zpsk8moxbxn.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog2_zpsxuyoi3m9.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog3_zpstrzuahlb.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog4_zpsk9xoh7lk.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletgold3_zps1wdz4hfa.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblue3_zpsjrqrlv7l.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblue4_zpsdlrm0tv5.jpg