Seashell lamp makeover

I have been lusting over seashell filled lamps for some time. Especially the large ones, but everyone I find is a wee bit pricey and I can’t seem to bring myself to shell out the cash for one. ( pun intended) I have a tall thin candlestick lamp in my living room that I have been pondering over to makeover, particularly with seashells. This morning I had an AHA! moment and thought , why can’t I just put the skinny lamp in a large glass vase and fill it? So I went poking around in my ever growing supply of junque and found a large tall cylinder vase and it fit nicely. For this I am not drilling any holes for the cord, this is just a temporary fix until I find a lamp to my liking. I just slid the lamp in the vase and filled it with shells. The electrical cord comes out the top, but I ran it down the back out of view. I must say I am quite happy with this project that cost NO money and was only a few minutes of my time. (those are my favorite kinds of projects)
Here are some of the pics

 photo seashelllampmakeover2_zps8wqfl9bu.jpg

 photo seashelllampmakeover1_zpssvl5rbvk.jpg

 photo seashelllampmakeover3_zpsqxvcfz3g.jpg

Broken apothecary jar recycle

One of my apothecary jars I use for various decorating got damaged awhile back. However I could not bring myself to part with it. I knew I could still use it somehow. While doing a regular clean out in my storage area I came across it again and instantly knew what to do with it! First I got a wood plaque from Michael’s Arts & Crafts and glued it to the base where it was cracked. I used my trusty E-6000 glue. Once it was set I covered the entire base with seashells including the wood plaque base.

 photo CHIPPEDBEFOREAFTER_zpsk5roplnx.png
I love these moments when a craft I have been wanting to do comes to fruition! Now my “new” shell candle holder is all lit up and I love it!

 photo CHIPPEDFINAL_zpsyffhr61a.png

Patriotic decor at The Mermaids Tale 2015

There is something about the colors red white and blue together that I just love. From Memorial day to 4th of July I get to decorate with these hues in full force. Here are some snaps of my patriotic decor of 2015.

 photo patrioticdiningroom1_zpss6geeu7l.png

Here is my trio of Nautical Nutties.

 photo patrioticdiningroom2_zpsugplwpwt.png

These are my patriotic and beachy painted masons jars from a previous post.

 photo patrioticdiningroom3_zpsoce201ev.png

Here I used a vintage blue enamelware bucket with red white and blue hued faux florals as my centerpiece with an antique red white and blue runner.

 photo patrioticdiningroom4_zpszceejgn0.png

Here are 2 of my latest creations. The nautical anchor flag and USA shadow box. Both have upcoming blog posts on how I made them.
 photo patrioticdiningroom5_zpshxydwezk.png

Even Mr. Sandpiper got a dapper makeover with a top hat and patriotic bow tie.

 photo patrioticdiningroom6_zps4jbkloh5.png

Patriotic & Beachy painted mason jars

Alas I finally got around to doing a Pinterest staple, painted mason jars. I did mine with a patriotic theme for Memorial day & Fourth of July. I used
vintage mason jars , each with a different brand logo on the front just to give it that timeworn homespun feel. I also used vintage mason jars
because I have a boatload of them. Okay Okay maybe not a boatload but at least a dinghy load. I digress. Here is one of
the Pinterest painted jars I found and adored.

 photo masonjarflag1_zpsvamwumoy.jpg
This is from Maison de Pax
I love love love these, however the thought of taping off the bumpy jars and not to mention taping off the stars made me cringe. So I painted mine solid hues. Here are mine.

 photo blogmasonjarsdone_zpsawnyjryr.png

I used chalk paint because it adheres well to glass and is the paint de jour right now. First I painted the jars a solid white, this makes the red and blue paint stand out nicely otherwise they would have been too dark, the white gives the paint a nice base.

 photo blogmasonjarsfirst_zps4kqvyiyl.png

Of course all this painting led to my multi hued hands.

 photo blogmasonjarshand_zpstnywzbth.png

I sanded down the raised logo areas and I popped in some gorgeous lily of the vallies and flags. I used my white bumpy starfish as my “stars” and completed the look with
some red, white and blue transferewear sea pottery I found on my last visit to the beach in Rockport MA.

 photo blogmasonjarsseglass_zpsaarrz8ga.png

Patriotic & beachy without any taping off. I love how they came out.

Coastal Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and I always try to find a way to incorporate a coastal vibe in my decorating.
This year I made up several different coastal themed eggs. I used dollar store plastic eggs and painted them with chalk paint to make the buoy eggs, the sea urchin eggs( I used puff paint for the bumps), mermaid scale eggs and the sand dollar eggs. For the others I used clear plastic egg ornaments I bought at Michael’s arts and crafts. I did a glass float egg with transparent glass paint on the inside and glued nautical roping on the outside. The beach sand egg I just filled with sand and tiny shells. I also did 2 shell covered eggs and a few jute covered eggs. I am thrilled at how they came out.

 photo eastereggs7_zpsmszt5aja.png
 photo eastereggs5_zpsdhwjpv7c.png
 photo eastereggs2_zpsf2egjb9d.png
 photo eastereggs4_zpsbccs4ng2.png
 photo eastereggs6_zpssbazd7yq.png
 photo eastereggs1_zps67msrovd.png
 photo eastereggs3_zps777j5xkx.png

I set up the buoy eggs on my red shutters I used before , the design is an homage to Rockport MA famous Motif #1.

 photo motif1eggs_zpsvierhcg5.png
 photo motif1_zpshq7z6ikb.jpg

I hope you enjoy my most recent “egg”cellent creations…..

Chipped ~ before & after

Poor bunny! Don’t we all have this happen? No matter how carefully we put away seasonal décor we find somehow
something is chipped or broken. While getting my Easter décor out I found this sweet blue bunny with a chipped ear.
Nooo! He is such a cutie, but alas rather than tossing him away I decided to save him or rather give him a makeover.
I painted him a soft pale yellow with chalk paint ( ya know all the rage) once it was dry I did a white wash with chalk paint and wiped it off the raised areas. Ta-da! Now he is a subdued matte cutie. The chip is hidden and he is refreshed!
Remember , Don’t toss it …make it over!
 photo chippedbunny_zpsis8mfowc.png

Clay sand dollar & leather bracelet tutorial

I have been having fun with polymer clay recently and came up with this clay sand dollar and leather bracelet.
I am sharing the instuctions on how to make your own bracelet. So easy , fun and gorgeous.

1.First soften your clay by hand, roll into a ball and press into your sand dollar mold.

( I used a modge podge silicone mold available at Micheals arts and crafts)
2. Once it is pressed in neatly ( *do not over fill mold)

take two eye pins and bend them in a z pattern (see photos) and press into clay. (if needed make tiny clay balls and press
into mold to cover eyepins)
The reason for the bending is so the eyepins do not slide out after baking.

3. Once done pop the mold with the clay inside into the freezer for about 10 minutes. ( this will firm up the clay so you
can pop out the sand dollar)
4. Bake clay sand dollar according to instructions on the clay you used. (different clays have different
baking times)

5. Once out and cooled I painted mine gold, let dry and white washed with white paint. ( I did not seal mine but you can if you wish)

6. Once dried I put my leather through the eye pin, slid a bed over the leather ,tied a knot in the end and added my crimp cord at the end along with
my clasp.

I also did a few variations of gold & white, blue & white and blue & silver. You can use white clay without painting but I found
that this doesn’t show up the detailing as well. But feel free to experiment…Have Fun!

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog1_zpsk8moxbxn.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog2_zpsxuyoi3m9.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog3_zpstrzuahlb.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblog4_zpsk9xoh7lk.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletgold3_zps1wdz4hfa.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblue3_zpsjrqrlv7l.jpg

 photo sanddollarbraceletblue4_zpsdlrm0tv5.jpg