Fall-i-fication @ The Mermaids Tale 2015

Sure my title could read Fall Home tour 2015 however that would be a bit prosaic for me. Anyone who knows me well enough knows my fascination with creating odd words for things.
For example , for fall decorating I refer to it as fall-I-fying. Yes indeed not a real word, but to me it sums up the process, to me it makes perfect sense. So I invite you into my home and a bit into my brain. The following photos are of my home this autumn , enjoy my fallification!

 photo tmtautumn15g_zpsjwz3gxqi.png
 photo tmtautumn15_zpsreyc3cft.png
 photo tmtautumn15a_zpsr2ljl09l.png
 photo tmtautumn15e_zps8fs78gcl.png
 photo tmtautumn15c_zpsh5n3zcxs.png
 photo tmtautumn15d_zpssqmnsn8m.png
 photo tmtautumn15b_zpst5iktlud.png
 photo tmtautumn15f_zpsxxe2lxdm.png
Naturally as a land living mermaid everything has a coastal vibe woven in.

Seashell lamp makeover

I have been lusting over seashell filled lamps for some time. Especially the large ones, but everyone I find is a wee bit pricey and I can’t seem to bring myself to shell out the cash for one. ( pun intended) I have a tall thin candlestick lamp in my living room that I have been pondering over to makeover, particularly with seashells. This morning I had an AHA! moment and thought , why can’t I just put the skinny lamp in a large glass vase and fill it? So I went poking around in my ever growing supply of junque and found a large tall cylinder vase and it fit nicely. For this I am not drilling any holes for the cord, this is just a temporary fix until I find a lamp to my liking. I just slid the lamp in the vase and filled it with shells. The electrical cord comes out the top, but I ran it down the back out of view. I must say I am quite happy with this project that cost NO money and was only a few minutes of my time. (those are my favorite kinds of projects)
Here are some of the pics

 photo seashelllampmakeover2_zps8wqfl9bu.jpg

 photo seashelllampmakeover1_zpssvl5rbvk.jpg

 photo seashelllampmakeover3_zpsqxvcfz3g.jpg

Broken apothecary jar recycle

One of my apothecary jars I use for various decorating got damaged awhile back. However I could not bring myself to part with it. I knew I could still use it somehow. While doing a regular clean out in my storage area I came across it again and instantly knew what to do with it! First I got a wood plaque from Michael’s Arts & Crafts and glued it to the base where it was cracked. I used my trusty E-6000 glue. Once it was set I covered the entire base with seashells including the wood plaque base.

 photo CHIPPEDBEFOREAFTER_zpsk5roplnx.png
I love these moments when a craft I have been wanting to do comes to fruition! Now my “new” shell candle holder is all lit up and I love it!

 photo CHIPPEDFINAL_zpsyffhr61a.png