Mermaid Cocktails Vol. 1 free printable

Every Mermaid entertainer needs a bevy of fun cocktail recipes in her arsenal.
I started putting together recipes and found dozens!! I compiled them all and have been putting them together as a printable you can print out and save. The
first volume in the series has “The Blues”. It contains 8 blue hued cocktails.
They are The Mermaid Martini, Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaiian, Shark bite, Ocean breeze, Neptune, Seafoam sangria and Mermaid water.

All of these drinks contain
blue curacao liquour. It is what makes the drinks blue or should I say Mermaidesque.

To save, click on picture to enlarge then right click and save. The print
is sized to 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper for printing.

 photo drinkstmt1_zpshk7j3edt.png

Gather your nearest and dearest Mermaid friends and Enjoy!