A Sense of Place: Houses on Martha’s Vineyard & Cape Cod

With the advent of Pinterest one has access to a plethora of visual goodies on house and home. As much as I adore Pinterest myself I am still a hardcore fan of magazines and books. A recent house and home book I have stumbled across is
A Sense of Place: Houses on Martha’s Vineyard & Cape Cod by Mark A. Hutker.
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 photo book1_zps6mp4evta.jpg
Here is the synopsis:

Thirteen exquisite houses create a portrait of life in one of America’s most exclusive coastal destinations, along the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

Hutker Architects, led by founding principal Mark A. Hutker, has designed more than three hundred houses along the New England shore. A member of the close community on Martha’s Vineyard since his arrival in 1985, Hutker has become an expert at interpreting the ideal lifestyles of his clients within the respected traditions and restrictive codes of the beautiful but fragile environment.

In their design and construction, these houses honor the vernacular traditions of craft and indigenous materials, are deeply respectful of the cherished landscape, and demonstrate a lively range of solutions to building on the bluffs and dunes that line the shores of the Vineyard and Cape Cod. A working organic farm fulfills a family’s dream of simpler values; a luxurious renovation saves the best of an antique shingle cottage while transforming it for contemporary family life and a raised structure clad in naturally weathered boards combines the legacy of midcentury regional modern architecture with Cape Cod’s maritime tradition.

The firm is committed to the principle “Build once, well,” looking to the historic architecture of the region and the inherited experience of its carpenters and craftspeople as inspiration for contemporary design. The result is an architecture that is at once adaptable and livable, yet enduring, efficient, inevitable, and appropriate.

The houses sit lightly on the land, deferring to their surroundings, often built as a series of modest pavilions linked by passages or grouped to enclose an outdoor space. Creative design solutions—a light-filled gallery running the full length of a house, a continuous wall of sliding glass doors—make houses both open to views, but protective in a storm. Specially commissioned photography captures the craftsmanship and the settings of the houses, from dramatic bluffs overlooking the sea to secluded coves and rolling meadows filled with wildflowers, creating a unique portrait of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

The homes are just as gorgeous inside as their stunning views. As a New Englander myself these houses to me are Home. Rambling stone walls, weathered cedar shakes, granite blocks and oceanfront are the theme of these amazing homes.

Here are a few pictures to give you a sneak peek:

 photo book2_zpsyg3ktr24.jpg

 photo book3_zpskkiptbp3.jpg

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The photos in the book are huge and colorful. You just want to dive in and live there. I hope you enjoy this visual treat as much as I have.