Sea Urchin Pumpkin tealight holder

Every season here at The Mermaids Tale has to be imbued with coastal elements. For this Autumn I created a tea light holder that is a sea urchin with a pumpkin hue.

 photo pumpkingtealight1_zpsi3hnnuei.png

 photo pumpkingtealight2_zpsqsxrp0u2.png

I took a standard glass globe candle holder, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol (to remove any finger prints/grease) and painted it with white chalk paint.
Once dry I used scribbles fabric paint in white. This paint is raised and has a superfine pointed tip which works fabulously to create the raised nubs found on sea urchins. (the paint can be found at Michaels arts and crafts)

Once the nubs are dry, I then used orange chalk paint and painted lines on the globe.
Before the paint has a chance to dry I used water only on a paint brush to create the gradient colors of orange. Then let dry.
For a final detailing I added a green burlap leaf and a piece of green wired twine that I wrapped around a pencil to create the pumpkin curls. (both items available at Michaels).

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