Patriotic decor at The Mermaids Tale 2015

There is something about the colors red white and blue together that I just love. From Memorial day to 4th of July I get to decorate with these hues in full force. Here are some snaps of my patriotic decor of 2015.

 photo patrioticdiningroom1_zpss6geeu7l.png

Here is my trio of Nautical Nutties.

 photo patrioticdiningroom2_zpsugplwpwt.png

These are my patriotic and beachy painted masons jars from a previous post.

 photo patrioticdiningroom3_zpsoce201ev.png

Here I used a vintage blue enamelware bucket with red white and blue hued faux florals as my centerpiece with an antique red white and blue runner.

 photo patrioticdiningroom4_zpszceejgn0.png

Here are 2 of my latest creations. The nautical anchor flag and USA shadow box. Both have upcoming blog posts on how I made them.
 photo patrioticdiningroom5_zpshxydwezk.png

Even Mr. Sandpiper got a dapper makeover with a top hat and patriotic bow tie.

 photo patrioticdiningroom6_zps4jbkloh5.png


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