Patriotic & Beachy painted mason jars

Alas I finally got around to doing a Pinterest staple, painted mason jars. I did mine with a patriotic theme for Memorial day & Fourth of July. I used
vintage mason jars , each with a different brand logo on the front just to give it that timeworn homespun feel. I also used vintage mason jars
because I have a boatload of them. Okay Okay maybe not a boatload but at least a dinghy load. I digress. Here is one of
the Pinterest painted jars I found and adored.

 photo masonjarflag1_zpsvamwumoy.jpg
This is from Maison de Pax
I love love love these, however the thought of taping off the bumpy jars and not to mention taping off the stars made me cringe. So I painted mine solid hues. Here are mine.

 photo blogmasonjarsdone_zpsawnyjryr.png

I used chalk paint because it adheres well to glass and is the paint de jour right now. First I painted the jars a solid white, this makes the red and blue paint stand out nicely otherwise they would have been too dark, the white gives the paint a nice base.

 photo blogmasonjarsfirst_zps4kqvyiyl.png

Of course all this painting led to my multi hued hands.

 photo blogmasonjarshand_zpstnywzbth.png

I sanded down the raised logo areas and I popped in some gorgeous lily of the vallies and flags. I used my white bumpy starfish as my “stars” and completed the look with
some red, white and blue transferewear sea pottery I found on my last visit to the beach in Rockport MA.

 photo blogmasonjarsseglass_zpsaarrz8ga.png

Patriotic & beachy without any taping off. I love how they came out.


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