Coastal Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and I always try to find a way to incorporate a coastal vibe in my decorating.
This year I made up several different coastal themed eggs. I used dollar store plastic eggs and painted them with chalk paint to make the buoy eggs, the sea urchin eggs( I used puff paint for the bumps), mermaid scale eggs and the sand dollar eggs. For the others I used clear plastic egg ornaments I bought at Michael’s arts and crafts. I did a glass float egg with transparent glass paint on the inside and glued nautical roping on the outside. The beach sand egg I just filled with sand and tiny shells. I also did 2 shell covered eggs and a few jute covered eggs. I am thrilled at how they came out.

 photo eastereggs7_zpsmszt5aja.png
 photo eastereggs5_zpsdhwjpv7c.png
 photo eastereggs2_zpsf2egjb9d.png
 photo eastereggs4_zpsbccs4ng2.png
 photo eastereggs6_zpssbazd7yq.png
 photo eastereggs1_zps67msrovd.png
 photo eastereggs3_zps777j5xkx.png

I set up the buoy eggs on my red shutters I used before , the design is an homage to Rockport MA famous Motif #1.

 photo motif1eggs_zpsvierhcg5.png
 photo motif1_zpshq7z6ikb.jpg

I hope you enjoy my most recent “egg”cellent creations…..


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