Coastal Slates

I am a crafty person, I get restless unless I do something crafty. As of late I have been busy gutting 4 rooms in my home, including my beloved craft room. See below

 photo demowork_zpsf90c534a.png

While all this work is crafty on some level and when finally done I will be thrilled. But not soon enough. So I set out to find something crafty to do to get my instant crafty “fix”. I decided on redoing my numbers slates on the front of my house. Here they are before

 photo slatesbefore_zps88e49049.png

I did these roughly 15 years ago when I was over the moon with Shabby chic décor. I still adore shabby chic but filled with a much more coastal vibe. I wanted something coastal but not cliché or frilly. I decided on a simple seahorse silhouette. Here is how they turned out

 photo slatesfinal_zps73389a6d.png

To achieve this I did a really simple seahorse silhouette print, cut it out and traced it on my slate. Then I painted it in a deep blue color.

 photo slates2_zpsf91b37d3.png

Again keeping it simple I printed out numbers to use, on the reverse side I filled it in with pencil lead, then turned it over, placed it where I wanted the numbers and traced along the lines. The lead on the back left enough of a print for me to draw in and paint.

 photo slatesprogress1_zpsfd26d8db.png

 photo slatesprogress2_zpsc0a11696.png

So easy, fast and simple. No special tools or stencils. I was definitely crafting old school style.

 photo slatesprogress3_zpseb6e7f54.png


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