It all started with a leaky roof……

It all started with a leaky roof. A roof that is only 2 years old mind you, but mother nature whipped up a frenzy of ice on my rear porch that broke through our “ice shield”. Here are some pictures of “the beginning” where I removed some of the ceiling so the water would all come in one spot and not spread.

 photo 20140312_1_zps32920316.jpg
 photo 20140312_2_zps46255163.jpg
 photo 20140312_3_zps6b797ee8.jpg
 photo 20140312_4_zpsdb2cd9b4.jpg

I had already cleared out the room (my beloved craft room) knowing the ceiling would be coming down and replaced. With the logistics with the insurance company out of the way I got right to work removing the ceiling, I wanted my craft room back!! I was even excited about giving my craft room a face lift with fresh paint etc. So I forged ahead and tore out the horrific horse hair plaster & latts ceiling. I must say I loathe plaster and latts! The biggest problem I must say is living in the house while removing it. The dust gets EVERYWHERE! No matter how well you cover doors it just POOF gets everywhere. While doing this there is a layer of dust that no matter how many times I wipe up comes back. **eye twitch**

 photo 20140312_10_zps0edf9c19.jpg
 photo 20140312_11_zps94bb43fb.jpg
 photo 20140312_12_zpscbe023a4.jpg

I got the ceiling out and dumped. I thought hooray!! Nope, we discovered this.

 photo 20140312_13_zpsf0a8d183.jpg

Old knob & tube wiring. We had a pretty good idea that we would find this, our home was built in the late 1800’s.
We reno’ed most of the house 10 years ago and updated the electrical but not on the rental side. Our home is a 2 family side by side that we opened up as a one family. There was some updating done on the rental before we bought it and hoped it included electrical but no. Hmph. We decided to replace the wiring now, which means gutting 4 rooms total. There are two bedrooms upstairs in the unit that need to be gutting but not now, we can do the electrical later on those. But to do the electrical we need to do the entire first floor of the unit. Deep sigh, that means MORE plaster to take out. One of the other rooms had acoustic tiles and paneling. I removed the acoustic tiles hoping that the plaster would be removed and only the latts remaining.

 photo 20140326_46_zps536d4235.jpg
 photo 20140326_48_zpsd90b61e7.jpg
 photo 20140326_49_zps43bfe09d.jpg
 photo 20140326_50_zps19773576.jpg
 photo 20140326_51_zpse0a09e0a.jpg

Another deep sigh. Nope the plaster still remained. Cringe!!! I checked on one wall where the paneling is and discovered that at least there was no plaster but drywall & latts. Drywall is soooooo much easier to remove! I just hope the rest of that room is drywall as well. Got my fingers crossed. Here I am today with 3/4 of one of the rooms ceiling and walls removed.

 photo 20140326_56_zps116ffcfc.jpg
 photo 20140326_60_zpsf496ed82.jpg
 photo wall_zps78d9bd30.png

I still have a long way to go but it is progress. Side note, at least with all the latts I will have plenty of wood for the fire pit once things warm up a bit here in New England! Got to find the bright side in all this =)
For now I am plugging away and ripping out walls & ceilings! Wish me luck


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