The Painted Chair

I have seen many a pinterest /blog post about painting fabric and had always thought about giving it a whirl. Finally I saw a post on Addicted 2 Decorating’s blog ( where she painted her floral couch with latex paint. I must say the transformation was inspiring. So much so that I broke out my paint brush and mustered up the courage to do my dining room chairs. I found these 4 parson chairs road side last fall. They were in good shape and decent quality. And Heck they were FREE! I liked them but just didn’t love them. The fabric was a basic beige cotton canvas. As much as I like beige, something about this beige was off. It somehow sucked the light out of the space and screamed DULL. I had plans to make slipcovers for them , added to my LONG list of planned projects, but was getting antsy to rid my dining room of their light sucking-ness. LOL I used regular white flat paint. It only took 2 coats! No they are not crunchy either. Here is a picture of the 2 chairs side by side, the left is the original beige, the right is the chair with one coat of paint.

 photo whitechairsbeforeafter_zps0d7e5e0f.png

The first coat really got sucked up into the fabric. The second coat didn’t take as much paint at the first coat. Here is a picture of on the left one coat of paint and on the right two coats of paint.

 photo whitechairs2coats_zpsabc3a006.png

Just a light sanding when the paint is dry and Voila just what I wanted White chairs!! So happy with how they came out!!

 photo whitechairs1_zps5de01398.png
 photo whitechairs_zpsc853c391.png


6 thoughts on “The Painted Chair

  1. Beautiful job~! thanks for sharing, love that they were Free~♥ I’m always looking on the side of the road. found a garden bench, free, took it home and cleaned it up and painted the wood, love it..♥

    1. That is awesome. I am always looking at the side of the road…I am lucky I haven’t gotten in an accident! LOL

    1. Really they are just the same as they were, just as comfy. I only put on 2 coats of paint. The fabric really soaks in the paint and becomes part of the fabric. It is nothing like painting on wood. When you paint on a hard flat surface like wood , paint adheres but is still separate therefore stiff. When you paint on fabric the fabric soaks in the paint and bonds with it. The paint takes on the characteristic of the fabric, still flexible. I imagine the more coats you put on the stiffer the fabric would be. But at two coats mine is still soft. I used flat, that is key. Any other paint finish will give a different feel and look.

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