Paint Craze

I recently had the pleasure of attending a “Paint Craze” event. If you are not familiar with the event,it is where
a group gets together (usually at a restaurant) to learn how to paint a pre-determined image. Generally the events are sponsored by a charity, all the better. The charity for the one I attended was the 13th annual 94.7 WMAS Radiothon for Baystate Children’s Hospital. This event was sponsored by Wendy and Jordan Franz. In August of 2010 Jordan had a grand mal seizure and was at Baystate Children’s Hospital for over a month. Since then Baystate has become a part of the Franz family and over the past three years they have spent a lot of time there. Jordan believes in giving back and helping every child have the best experience possible; therefore, she raises money for the Radiothon every year.

This is the image our group painted.

 photo paintcrazeoriginal_zps23b040a7.gif

This is mine, the original was of “blue poppies” but some (not surprisingly) mine morphed to something more under the sea looking.

 photo paintcrazemine_zps0933fc74.png

I even added a seahorse for good measure LOL

 photo ppaintcrazeseahorse_zps2b1f1a95.png

One lovely older gentlemen went in a whole ‘nother direction and painted this lovely winter barn scene. He later donated it to raise additional funds for the charity.

 photo paintcrazebarn_zpsfed041ce.png

Here are some of my girlfriends that attended the event as well.

 photo paintcrazethegirls_zps18803aae.png

 photo ppaintcraze7_zpsb340eaf2.png

I also attended with my faboosh sister Tina ( ) and she painted her awesome version.  photo paintcrazetina_zps90647069.png

I know I know, the pictures are bit bad, my phone does not take the best photos. I apologize for this. For more info on these events check out


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