PVC pipe & vintage door knobs turned curtain rods

I am forever looking how to do things glamorous on the cheap. Curtain rods are no exception. While looking for some time for curtain rods at prices starting $30 and up per window I kept thinking to myself over and over, “But its just a stick with fancy ends?”. So I squinted my inspecting eyes and let my cheapskate mind go to work! In the end I used simple, cheap and easy to cut PVC piping and vintage glass doorknobs.

 photo curtainrod4_zpsc220f36a.jpg

Both of which I already had on hand in my every growing “junque” supplies. Actually my husband had the PVC pipe leftover from when he added his ginormous air compressor in our cellar and had to run wiring for it. So I snagged some….sssshhhhhh!

 photo curtainrod3_zps695aaf01.jpg

Once I took my measurements and made my cuts using a circular saw ( a regular hand saw would work just as well) I spray painted the pipes a satin black. I then added the glass door knobs to each end using the threaded rod that comes with the knob and used black electrical tape to hold them in place. The satin black of the electrical tape matches the satin black I used to paint the rods. There are a number of ways I could have attached the knobs to the rod but this was the simplest,Works for me! Having a home built in the 1800’s always presents challenges when doing any project. The windows were no different. While we have replaced all the windows with modern tilting glass insulated ones, the window framing is still original. Like most of the window frames in the house they are not flush with the wall. Instead they are built out roughly 2 and 1/2 inches.

 photo curtainrod5_zps688f166b.jpg

I used small unfinished wood medallions from Michaels Arts & Crafts and painted them out the same color as my walls.

 photo curtainrod2_zps9e94f8d5.jpg

 photo curtainrod_zps2d85f437.jpg

I then attached the curtain rod brackets to these to bulk them out. While the brackets allow for expansion, it was not enough and I did not want the rods to sag. In the end I am thrilled at how they turned out and it only cost me a few bucks for the unfinished wood medallions!

 photo curtainrod6_zps7219cf06.jpg


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