Ballet Beauty

I received these gorgeous pointe ballet shoes as a Christmas gift from my twin sister, my twinsie, Tania. We did
have ballet for years as kids but never pointe. Naturally I put them on and pranced around the house all clumsy like. I wanted to enjoy these shoes for their beauty too. So I purchased a shadow box for them. Naturally nothing is ever as simple as hammering a nail in the wall and hanging them. First the two lever style picture hangers kept folding back making it nearly impossible to “catch” both. Once I did one of them broke!!! Deep sigh, so I wired the back, I removed the other lever style hanger with much difficulty. One broke easily the other was hulk like strong. Here is the pic of afformentioned evil picture hangers.

Our home was built in the late 1800’s, some of our walls still have the old horse hair plaster and lats. If you have never encountered this be glad. I have learned why in old photos you see pictures hung by long wires/ribbon from the ceiling moulding. Hanging a nail in old walls is frustrating!!!! Occasionally you can manage it but more often than not it is a headache. If any of you hand to try this task you too know all too well the sound of crumbling plaster as you hammer the nail into place and/or the bounce back if you hit the lats in certain spots. Deep sigh. Finally after much frustration I got the nail in and the shoes hung by my nightstand. Well worth the work!

 photo c2bf9704-d592-445a-bba5-8221001c8c10_zps85931a39.jpg

 photo 0bd085b8-bcae-45b6-abed-2ba92b7f6346_zps8688bc64.jpg


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