2013 Christmas “non-wreath” door wreaths ~shutter love

I love old shutters almost as much as I love pallets. This year I decided to do something different for my front doors for Christmas. I painted 2 old shutters a festive red, added some fresh greenery, pinecones and a lovely
bow of “Happy Holidays” printed burlap ribbon that I purchased from Micheals Arts & Crafts.

 photo 1457759_10152638835496564_1674568672_n_zps145f26bb.jpg

 photo e55a7425-62f4-4f33-8741-d7d02d158eda_zps58fe0ec7.jpg

I hot glued the shutters on the back to keep them from opening and I also added wine corks that I sliced in half. I glued them on the corners of the back to prevent damage to the door.

 photo 031_zps53165969.jpg

You also can see a sneak peak at my chandelier make-over in the mirror. To be blogged soon!

Merry Christmas!!!


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