Pallet Love…

Pallets, pallets, pallets! For the Love of Pallets! The ever versatile pallet. I had several “flat pallets” in my stash and decided to make not one but two things last week. One was a lovey sign I spied on pinterest that belonged to EllaClairinspired . Here is her sign that made me whip out my acrylics and get a painting.

 photo 1be3fa5acb266ad52db1f962d92c3870_zps2d902672.jpg

You can find her original blog post here .

I started mine off mine with painting the background a creamy white, dry brush style as I did not want a solid background but a worn finish.

 photo 709d2be3-d065-4014-9d88-617b872dd781_zps2ec3b54a.jpg

Next I hand drew the lettering. I wanted them centered so I just counted the letters in each word and started with the middle letters and worked my way out. Then I painted in the letters with different fall hues of mossy green, garnet, muddy brown and pumpkin. I could have printed out the letters from my printer and did a stencil for perfect letters but alas I wanted an imperfect sign. One you may actually find along a country road outside a barn.

 photo f4c29591-580a-47dc-bd08-7bfba42e1946_zpsa2ede894.jpg

 photo af81e712-7080-4506-b554-82a3d9e29486_zpse3aef5e9.jpg

The second pallet art I did was a simple pumpkin. I set the pallet so the boards would be vertical as to mimic the lines in an actual pumpkin. I then just cut off the top two corners with a circular saw to give a rough shape of a pumpkin. I painted it out with two different oranges (dry brush style again) to give depth. For the stem I just cut a piece of a large branch that had fallen in my yard and popped on a smaller branch from one of my lilac bushes for accent greenery. Voila..a rustic pumpkin!

 photo ae8a921d-5818-4241-8dd9-53643547ecf3_zpsfb46342e.jpg

 photo b035ae15-8864-4a7d-9085-be09b73e8b3e_zps76830a95.jpg


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