Ghost Mirror & free “ghost face” printables

I have been wanting to make a “ghost mirror” for some time now and had the perfect mirror in mind for it. I finally did it this year. I had this great antique mirror with raised gilt gesso details that looked like something you might find in a long abandoned home. I removed the backing and much to my surprise found some really great antique and vintage newspapers. One was an appropriate obituary page from 1897 from my local Springfield MA newspaper and the other was from 1969 detailing the US landing on the moon! Both very interesting pieces in their own right. Here are some pictures of those.

 photo ghostmirrorpaper_zpscb13099a.png

 photo ghostmirrorpaper2_zps617fe716.png

After my fun find I went on back to making my mirror. I used paint stripper to remove the silver backing. However I don’t recommend this approach as I feel it removed too much of the silvering and made my “ghost” look less apparition-ish. I recommend using oven cleaner to get a more mottled removal of silver. On my first try I used this antique image of a Edwardian/Victorian woman. Since so much of the silver was removed it didn’t appear creepy to me so I then decided to use a less detailed “ghoul” face. I think it turned out better. At the very bottom are the two images I used if you want to make your very own “ghost mirror”. They are 8.5×11 print ready just open up the image and right click and save.

 photo ghostmirrorghoulclose_zps3bb07436.png

 photo ghostmirrorwoman_zps5d22f0f0.png

 photo ghostmirrorghoul_zpsbb328a76.png


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