Quick, cheap & pretty BOO trinket plate wall hanging

Those are some of my favorite words when it comes to decorating and crafts..quick, cheap & pretty! I purchased these 3 black & white quarterfoil design trinket plates from my local Michaels Arts & Crafts for 75 cents each along with the 3 white wooden BOO letters. I had the orange and black damask ribbon from last year (also from Michaels). I simply used scrapbooking glue dots to adhere the wooden letters and hot glued the plates to the ribbon and hung it. The scrapbooking glue dots and the hot glue are strong enough to hold all the pieces together while not being permanent JUST IN CASE I spy the pieces for some other craft down the road. Which I learned from dismantling so many other items in the past when I realize “O that element would be absolutely PERFECT for what I want to make….” only to realize/damage the element trying to dismantle it. GGGRRRR…so now I always craft my items with an escape clause! Here is my “BOO-tiful” Halloween accent.

 photo booplates2_zpsd5536920.png
 photo booplates1_zpsd68de6c4.png

 photo booplates3_zpsb7d3a60d.png


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