“Autumn is upon us” embroidery hoop

I stumbled upon this autumn embroidery hoop art on a lovely blog The Lilypad Cottage . I adored it so much I set out to make my own. I used what I already had to make this. I used a 10 inch embroidery hoop, burlap, Chinese lantern silk flowers and markers. I did not use the “stems” of the floral as mine were too thick and stiff to adhere to the burlap so I drew in the stems. I am thrilled with the results!
Here is mine in its current home…

 photo 007_zpsa212f330.jpg

 photo autumnisuponus1_zps73ae4f74.png

 photo autumnisuponus4_zps2a4910ba.png

 photo autumnisuponus6_zps95a1f8bb.png

 photo autumnisuponus5_zps3cd628c9.png

 photo autumnisuponus3_zps11149a66.png

 photo autumnisuponus2_zpsa0e12fd5.png

 photo autumnisuponus_zps78d3c9b5.png


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