Third time’s a charm….vintage desk makeover

I found this lovely vintage wood desk roadside. I loved the curved shape and tons of cubbies, drawers and mini cabinet. It also had 2 secret storage units, what looks like ordinary columns also pull out to conceal open top boxes. Adorbs! However the dingy, dark & beat up wood needed to be “beach-I-fied” for my home. I originally did a light cream paint with sanding for a weathered appearance. It was OK but not anything special. I then did this great turquoise. As much as I liked the turquoise it was a too green turquoise and did not mesh well with my more blue accented home. I then added a pearl finish hoping to tone it down a bit. Again I liked it a lot but it was not quite right. FINALLY I decided to do a chalk paint (first time I did this). I used a craft store sized paint of Martha Stewart , some water and some plaster of paris. I really liked the coverage but be warned because the paint is watered down it does run, splatter and drip A LOT! I have not waxed the piece yet though I think it will definitely need it as of right now it has a rather rough texture to it. I did add some new knobs that I got on clearance for 60 cents each at Michaels Arts and Crafts.

 photo deskbefore_zps98ded3ec.png

 photo deskafter2_zps4aa14f8d.png

 photo deskpaint_zps816acf32.png

 photo desk1_zpsd4780a86.png

I did use a stock photo of a similar desk to show its original look because heaven forbid I be organized enough to have all my photos easy to find!! Also when I filled the holes of the original drawer pulls (they were two holed vs. the one hole for the new ones) apparently I did not fill them enough and you can see the divots of the holes…ggggrrrrr. Overall I love the piece!!

 photo desk2_zps829624e6.png

 photo deskturqpearl2_zps740ad474.png

 photo deskturq2_zps22d242c9.png


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