Fall-i-fied Chalkboards

Finally getting around to fall-I-fying my home! I was really dragging my feet and clinging to thoughts of summer.
First off was to change out the quotes on my vintage silver chalkboard trays. I can never seem to get the lettering
perfect as I have seen on other chalkboards on Pinterest, (not to self find out just HOW they do that). One tip I can
offer that I have discovered is to sharpen your chalk in a pencil sharpener. I use my wall mounted vintage metal sharpener and a flurry of chalk dust later I have a super fine point to my chalk.

 photo chalkboard1_zps62b0e46b.png

 photo chalkboard3_zpsa69701a2.png

 photo chalkboard2_zpsaa271589.png

My chalkboards have an embossed design on the flat part of the tray that I painted with the chalk paint, this is probably one of the problems contributing to my not so perfect lettering. None the less I lurve my chalkboards and changing out the wording and designs!


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