Burlap frame upcycle

Where has the time gone?! It came to my attention that I have not posted since January!!!! Jeepers! Well here I am back to the blogging world. I updated my blog look and have a new post.
I received this o so lovely frame as a party favor at a recent event. I put a picture in it for laughs and then found myself unable to take it down simply because I didn’t want to put the picture of my 2 oldest boys away. Of course I could get another frame, but I knew that may not happen anytime soon (it only took me nearly 8 months for a new blog post). So here I have this ugly grey plastic frame with a digital clock no less, what to do what to do. Paint, decoupage….hhhmmmm my mind pondered. BURLAP!!!! I knew I didn’t want to hot glue it on because I didn’t want bumps or glue oozing out of the burlap. A cheezy frame is ugly enough I don’t want to live with a botched craft. I set out to use mod podge. I selected the matte version, as I did not want glossy burlap.. O the horror.
Much to my surprise it worked beautifully. Not only did it adhere the burlap to the smooth plastic frame it practically disappeared as it dried. No signs of it remained. WOW! Here are the pics of the transformation.

The lovely party favor in all its cheezy glory:

 photo frame1_zps4d31a7bd.png

 photo frame2_zpsd6252513.png

 photo frame3_zps53a54892.png

 photo frame4_zpsd50b2fb1.png

 photo frame5_zpsf38187c6.png

I used cream silk ribbon to finish off the frame bevel for a more finished look then added twine and shell accents to fill in the space where the digital clock was. Overall I am quite pleased. I kept the picture of my boys and upcycled my freebie frame. Definitely a win win!


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