It’s a wrap! Christmas clearance wrapping paper

One of my favoritie places to go in any store is the clearance section. Holiday clearance is one of my faves. Clearance shopping with a plan always works out great. After the holidays I always get clearance wrapping paper, not just for the obvious reason of wrapping gifts. I look for useful paper crafting designs. I use wrapping paper for christmas cards and scrapbooking. Scrapbook paper comes in single sheets and paper pads, but buying all kinds can really add up. Wrapping paper really gives you more bang for your buck. If I can find non-holiday specific designs it is a real boon. I got some great kraft paper with snowflake design and a great red tartan design. Here is some of my other wrapping paper designs I scored this year, and all for $10. total.!

I love this owl design, owls are big right now and I dont see that dying out anytime soon. These are quite a “hoot”!

Cardinals are such a classic Christmas design, and these lovlies are no exception.

I adore this blue on brown damask design, the paper itself is nice and heavy with an embossed texture. Great to work with. Although not a holiday design it was with clearance.

This particular paper was clearance as well but it is actually sold as a roll of paper table liner for Thanksgiving. I like the neutral toile and it can be used for all kinds of paper crafts not just holiday.

I was thrilled to see this paper in clearance because again it is not holiday themed but a stunning magenta and gold design. When I opened it I found that it is not wrapping paper but drawer liners!
The paper itself is a nice heavy thickness and scented to boot!

Keep an eye out for clearance papers and remember they are not just for wrapping anymore!!!


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