Christmas 2012

O how I love Christmas decorating. I love searching blogs and Pinterest for new inspiring ideas. Here are some photos of my home for Christmas 2012.

click to enlarge

These are my snownball vinette I did with some faux snowballs I purchased from Micheals art & crafts and placed in a vintage blue enameled bucket and added a wooden Merry Christmas I covered in glitter.

Here is a vintage wood sled that I added and wove vintage jute upolstry ribbon to. My vintage ceramic christmas tree and a wooden birdhouse I did. I saw a similar birdhouse at a shop but knew I could copy it for much cheaper. I took a plain unfinished wood birdhouse, painted it white, stained the roof and added a mini wreath to the front.

My chandelier I added fresh pine branches to.

Here is one of my dining room table and one of my faux mantle I created with antique gilt mirrors and a shelf with two carved brackets.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my holiday home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

My next post will be about vintage clock face coasters and a free printable to make your own!


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