Merry & Bright handmade cards and Free printable

With Christmas season just around the corner I had to “get on it” with making my Christmas cards.

This year I did several designs. One design I did “Merry & Bright” I did with my printer. Since I find rubber stamping to produce less than stellar results with so much room for error, you know stamp image not even, image corner edging showing, then the world of embossing …tiny granuales embossing in places you don’t want embossed. Have I sad enough, LOL? So this year I found a design I really like with out being overly time consuming or expensive. Resulting in my Merry and Bright design. Here is the finished card.

I created an 8.5″ x 11″ printable of the ornament strings, cap, bow and wording in Corel Paint Shop Pro. This was to avoid finding a rubber stamp for the design and to result in a consistent final image. I just needed to
cut my section out , layer it on my card and add buttons for the ornaments. Voila!
This image shows the printout on the left and my cutouts on the right.

Here are my own designs for you to use making your own Merry and Bright cards. They are formatted to 8.5″x11″, just open to full size , right click & save. I used water color paper for my designs, it has a really nice texture.


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