“Pin-spiration” {Pinterest +inspiration }

I have a Pinterest addict for several months now and have inspired to do many projects that I have found. This is my first
documented Pinspiration. I saw several handpainted stenciled wall tutorials that left me itching to do. Since we recently played musical bedrooms at my house
my husband and I moved to my oldest sons bedroom and our old office as our new bedrooms. Previously his room was a very dark navy and ours was offwhite and pale pink.
I wanted to change it up and found a glorious pale grey paint in Home Depots OOPS! part of the paint department. I loved the color but it needed some oomph. Thats where
the handpainted trellis design came into play. For this I used Martha Stewarts mother of pearl craft paint. It only took one bottle for the whole wall! I started out using my cardboard stencil and penciling in the design then painting it in. However the paint I used was sheer and showed the pencil marks and because the paint went
over the pencil I could not erase some parts..gggrr. Good thing I only did this on part of the wall. For the rest I held my cardboard stencil on the wall and painted around the template as the guide. Not only did it avoid the pencil dilemma but the found the design came out better with a guide rather than freehand following the pencil. Below are some pics of my bedroom wall, due note that the paint overlay is a sheer pearl and looks stronger and more solid from the flash. Click on images to enlarge =)

Here are several of the “Pin-spirations” and their links.

The link to the downloadable and printable template I used can be found

I still have to accesorize the room and bed but the wall is my jumping point. I also made the headboard shown here from a roadside find screen. I
will be doing a post about that project as well. In the picture it is shown will only the base lined cover. I intend to make a slipcover for it and possibly tuft it…tune in for that one soon.


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