Clearance Shopping: thinking outside the box

One of my favorite places to shop in any store is the clearance section. Not only do I love a great deal but I find myself thinking more creatively about the items, possibly the idea of not letting a good bargain pass me by. All too often I see something and have thought “O great price, but what am I going to do with it?” only later to have an “Aha!” moment of how the item would have been perfect for something. So when doing any shopping , particularly clearance, I mentally dissect the items as to their possibilities not just what their intended purpose is. Most recently I picked up a bunch of Christmas picks ( picked picks…pun intended ) at Michaels arts and crafts for 80% off, making them roughly 20 cents a pick. When I was shopping I wasn’t thinking Christmas picks I was looking at their colors…they were available in a veritable RAINBOW of colors. Here is some pictures of my haul:

The swirly ones are a gorgeous dark green, perfect for St Patricks Day.

I got an assortment of red, white and blue picks to use for valentines day, labor day, fourth of july and memorial day.

These long glittery picks with stars are perfect for fourth of july! Love these.

Here are some more fourth of july colored picks, to me they look like fireworks.

As you can see Christmas Picks are not just for Christmas! So when I shop I think colors.
Red= christmas , fourth of july, memorial day, labor day, valentines day , thanksgiving
white= any holiday really
green= christmas, St Patricks day, halloween and autumn/thanksgiving ( or as I say falloween)
blue= fourth of july, memorial day, labor day , boys birthdays/showers/christenings etc
orange= falloween
black= falloween
pastels= easter, baby birthdays/showers/christenings
You get the idea…you can get more mileage out of you festive decor.


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