Pumpkin Initial Frame

Quick and easy projects from freebie items always make me smile. This “pump-tas-tic” initial frame is no exception.
I scored this never used round brass frame from a freebie tag sale leftover rummage.

Great condition , but brass. Not my style. It was a nice dimunitive (fancy smancy word for small) size for an accent. Being autumn my initial thought was PUMPKIN with an initial (pun intended). I spray painted the frame
a dark burgandy then orange. I sanded the paint slightly to reveal the burgandy underneath. I thought the plain orange was well too plain. I added a piece of decorative scrapbook paper inside and a scrapbook sticker for my initial. To further pumpkin-fy my frame I used green floral wire wrapped around a screwdriver to make my pumpkin tendrils.

I then added a piece of floral tape rolled up as my stump. It is slightly tacky so I just used its own tackiness to adhere it to the frame. I also added a couple of scrapbook sticker leaves as well. Now it sits on a shelf with my DIY Halloween poison bottles. I will be blogging about how to DIY on those soon as well.


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