Mini Blinds repurposed-upcycled

Mini blinds, mini blinds , mini blinds….they were all the rage in the 90’s, everyone had them including me. However
I quickly found them quite the nusiance as they broke easily , either a blind strip would break and hang open to a gap or
more often than not if you had children or pets you would stumble upon a scene like this one:

And let us not forget how dang time consuming to clean!!!! But alas comes some fun and clever re-uses for the plastic slats. I have been using them for years as plant tags like this picture

from CraftingGreenWorld.Com. They work great with a sharpie and are waterproof , so they work perfect outdoors too!

I found more inspirational uses shown below from

You can weave them to make placemats and runners. I just love the adorable picket fence idea too! If you have clever repurposing ideas I’d love to know…=)


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