Simply “Charm”ing…and cheap!

Here is a project I love…easy,cheap and uses readily availble items. These are charms I made out of
scrap paper, metal wedding rings (you know the kind used for wedding favors that you get in bulk and super cheap!)and glossy accents dimensional liquid. You can substitute the glossy accents for clear embossing powder as well which works better for magazine paper. Here are the some finished charms I did:

So simple and pretty. All the supplies I used were:

*metal wedding rings

*packing tape (or blue painters tape, any low tack tape)

*glossy accents demensional embellishment (clear embossing powder can be used as well)

*scissors (or same size hole punch, circle cutter or exacto knife)

*image on paper ( I used a handout that came in my house beautiful subscription request, I just loved the roses on it and
it was a heavy cardstock paper, but you can use magazine images, pictures, scrap paper ..anything paper)

*straight pin & vaseline

*jump rings

The Glossy Accents clear dimensional embellishment is widely available at craft stores in the scrapbook section. It comes in clear and crackle finish. You can substitute with clear embossing powder also available in the scrapbook section.

I used metal wedding rings shown here that are available in the wedding section of craft stores. They come in bulk ,silver or gold and are super cheap. They have a nice floral raised design as well that make for a nice finishing detail. They are also bendable as you can tinker with making different shaps like teardrop or ovals.

Here is the House Beautiful ad I used.
Then I placed my ring on the part of the image I wanted and drew on the inside of the ring and then cutout the image.

Next I placed the ring on the tacky side of packing tape and inserted my image inside, you will need to glue the images to gether image side out if you are not using a double sided image as both sides show in the charm.

Next I used a straight pin to punch a hole for the jump ring later.

Here I then filled the disc with the dimensional liquid, it is cloudy but dries crystal clear.

Here I placed the straight pin in the hole for the jump ring, I put a thin layer of vaseline on the pin beforehand, this is to keep the liquid from drying adhered to the pin. I also repeatedly spun the pin while the liquid dried so that it would not stick. Even if you liquid sticks it is not too strong and you can pull out the pin without damaging the final charm. It takes roughly 1 hour or more depending on the weathers heat and humidity in your area.

Once dry, pull out the pin and repeat the liquid on the other side. Finally adding your jump ring. Voila, simple , charming and cheap!


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