Lamp redo

For the love of lamps, I have sooo many of them. I find them so facinating and have quite the stash of them in various stages of refurb. Here is the semi before* pic of my latest. (* semi before because the base was light colored natural wood before I painted it white)

And here is my after

All the lamp items were seperate roadside finds. The lamp I painted white. I paint so much stuff white that when I say I have to go to Home Depot the usual response is “For what more white paint?” and my answer usually is “Yes for more white paint” LOL. I covered the garish gold and brown shade with braided jute, using a high temp hot glue gun. For projects I use a high temp glue gun (larger gun & sticks) versus a standard low temp gun. There is much more output of glue for larger projects which for the most part is what I do. I ran out of high temp sticks and was forced to use my low temp gun and needless to say going from a high temp to low temp gun it is pitiful. Projects take forever with low temp, thank goodness I only had one more strip of jute to put on! The results are FABOOSH…very beach cottage…exactly what I was looking for ….me likey.


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