Presto Chango! A Before and After Story…

While I was at work one night I got a call from my hubby, he replaced the bathroom and cellar stairway doorknobs.
Yippee, pause….I said..”I hope you didn’t get the ugly gold”…
he said “yeah”
I cringe and say “don’t put them in yet I want the brushed nickel”
he says “I already put them in”
my heart sinks..but atlas I work at Micheals Arts and Crafts so I go on a mission to the paint section and find none other than Brushed Nickel metallic spray paint from Krylon. The results are amazing! I wiped down the knobs with rubbing alcohol, taped them off and put newspaper around the tape to catch the castoff mist (it goes pretty far). Yes I could have had hubbie remove them to paint them but I knew that would certainly delay the project. Be sure to do thin layers rather than trying to cover them all at once to avoid drips.

Here are the results…I must say I am quite pleased…



One thought on “Presto Chango! A Before and After Story…

  1. We did this with our cabinet hardware. We bought a 1960s home in which the cabinets were in good shape but the hardware was disgusting. So we took down all of the cabinet faces, painting inside and and outside (black, of course), took the old hardware and cleaned them up then painted them the same paint. The results were amazing. 100% better and half the price. Now, granted, it was about a 2 week project, but it worked and the painted hasn’t chipped at all. BTW: thanks for the suggestion b/c I am going to do all of our handles the same way! I love that what once might have been considered tacky is now “green.” And no one has to know the difference!

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