Rockport, MA

One of my favorite little seaside places to visit is Rockport MA. Several movies have been filmed in this picturesque city. Most recently “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock.

This is on my tonights watch list =). I stumbled upon it on “Completely Coastals” blog post which you can read about here . She wrote a great post complete with photos. But don’t just jump over there yet! LOL. A couple of other movies filmed in Rockport were “Love Letter” with Kate Capshaw, Tom Selleck and Ellen DeGeneres.

My sister and brother in law live in Rockport MA and while filming Love Letter shared their stories of filming. My brother in law Larry owned “The Portside Chowder House” located on Bearskin Neck for over 25 years (recently retiring)

Steven Speilberg and his wife the lovely Kate Capshaw dined in his restaraunt which during filming was located at the much smaller location now housing “Top Dog”.

One of the stories I remember was how it was filmed during the winter when all the trees were barren but the film called for leaves so they actually wired leaves seperately to the trees….the details. Another movie filmed in Rockport was “The Perfect Storm” with George Clooney.Or more accurately Gloucester which is right next to Rockport.
I love watching these films and recognizing the areas they were shot. Rockport is such a beautiful town without the trappings of being a tourist attraction. Bearskin Neck though heavily visited during the summer it still evokes a quaint town feel and look. There is alot to see and enjoy with great shops, great inns (lots of B & B’s) and great beaches. The Ralph Waldo Emerson in is a great place to relax and stay. The Inn itself is housed in a gorgeous historic setting with beautiful vintage & antique furnishings, with a stunning waterfront grounds and pool. This is best for an adults relaxing getaway Inn not a place to go with the kiddies…as the rooms do not have TVs and sound travels in this older mansion setting. There is no shortage of places to stay (including family friendly settings).
Another blogger “An Enchanted Cottage” blogged about her travels to Rockport as well and you can read about it here .
Here are some great pics of scenic Rockport for you to enjoy:

And of course the famous Rockport Image “Motif #1”

Don’t forget to add The Proposal & Love Letter to your watch list now …Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Rockport, MA

    1. there was “Stuck on You” with Matt Damon too…but when writing the post I could not for the life of me remember the name of it….Loved Loved the Love Letter…loved Kate Capshaws house in the movie, I saw the Proposal last night and I liked it. The scene pic you show of Sandra and Ryan is directly in front of The Portside Chowder House but the signs were taken down for the movie, going to ask my brother in law about that one. Still funny to see such a familiar place in movies =)

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