Halloween on a dime

Vintage Ball canning jars are abundant & cheap, often free. To make use of some of the hundreds that I have (really hundreds) I decided to make pumpkins with them. You read right…pumpkins. First I cleaned the jars I selected, varying sizes look great, then I spray painted the inside of the jar orange, and the top green.

Because the paint is on the inside it is weather proof. I used a black paint pen to free hand draw pumkin faces and Voila!

On the above pic you can see my mouse shilouette. I just used craft foam sheets in black and did a free hand outline of a mouse and hot glued it to the bricks, they stick,are weather resistant and will not damage the brick when I remove them.

On this one I used and old square glass jar and painted it green on the inside and with a black paint pen did a free hand face and scars. Any glass jars can be used, great recycling project!


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