Just Beachy….

I re-did my bathroom off my kitchen recently. Of course it was beachy before I just gave it an overhaul of beachy.LOL. I attached tons O’ shells to an old dresser mirror, so much better than any medicine cabinet. My light switch cover cracked and I was looking at replacements and found plain plastic ones starting at $9 bucks a pop…being El Cheapo that I am I wanted somethink more snazzy for ALOT less…hmmm I thought…what can I put on the old one
shells…too bumpy…
glass mosaic…YES!
so I mosaiced the cover with some left over stained glass from another project and Voila! Snazzy & cheap…

I even did my shower stall with white subway tiles myself…tres beachy cottage!

I may not live near the beach but I can pretend….


4 thoughts on “Just Beachy….

  1. Hi Tami ~
    I received that tote and I love it! Thank you so much!
    I did a little post about it ~ come on over if you like to see it!
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Tami. Nice to meet you. I learned of your blog through Sandra’s and I had to drop by. Your blog is lovely as is the tote you made. Do you have a little business where you sell them? I am definitely interested in purchasing one.

    I love the soft beachy colors in your bathroom. So soothing!



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