After the rain…

It has been raining practically non-stop for over a week, wreaking havoc on my strawberry plants. ***deep sigh** Well late yesteday it stopped and today is a bit drier so out I went to check on my garden and flowers. Here’s what I saw this morning:

A single tiger big & beautiful…

a really pretty purple flower (sorry don’t know the names ) the petals curl and open at the tips…

My grapes are growing & spreading like wild this year!

My blackberries

Miscl. flowers around my yard

My lavender is huge & smells soooo good too…

One of the few non-rotting strawberries

My hydrangea making their appearance of buds…

I lined my tree belt with hosta and mulch, much easier than mowing the little strip & much better looking


These are tiny sunflower shoots that take over the tree belt in the fall with giant sunflowers…so gorgeous when they are in bloom! Bonus bird food, feeders that I don’t have to refill ….

Finally a curbside find, love the rust on this….

I may live in the city, but I try to cram as much country & seaside details (note the cedar shingles ) as I can into my home.


One thought on “After the rain…

  1. All of your flowers are just lovely! I especially like the tuberous begonia’s with the blue lobelia and the charming old chair with potted flowers!
    I like the shingled house siding, too ~ very seaside cottage! :~}

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