Out of the Ordinary blooms

How I love fresh flowers! Often when I look through my favorite magazines I see beautiful homes dripping with fresh flowers, fresh flowers really can make or break a room. Though running to your local florist or huge well stocked garden isn’t always feasible. More often than not I use what most people think of as weeds for darling little arrangements around the house. Yes weeds, if it blooms it will look great in an unorthadox container like old apothacay jars, S&P shakers, & egg cups are just the tip of the iceberg. If it can hold water it can serve as a vase. I find these blooms in abundance around my yard and tree belts, often over looked but great for charming arrangement. Even some non-cutting type blooms such as creeping phlox, a few branchs of dogwood or apple blossoms or a single clematis make eyecatching arrangements.

Remember 2 things ..
1. If it blooms you can make an arrangement with it

2. If it holds water it can be a vase

Happy Blooming!


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