New Bathroom Color

I just redid the bathroom off my kitchen, still in the ♥coastal beach theme ♥natch ☺. I started by painting the
walls a bright turquoise, then painting over them with watered down white paint to lighten & mottle the color.
I was going for a nice seaglass look to match a piece of seaglass that is on my shell encrusted mirror. I also
painted the sink cabinet white as it has a cream marble top giving it a nice mixed white look. Also painted a small curbside find shelf white & distressed it. I had this large, pretty shell that I wanted to hang. It had a small hole in it so I wired a glass pearl through the hole and was able to make a concealed hook in the back with the wire, I am really pleased with the outcome. ☺I hung it just below a thrift store find small mermaid plate♥. My hubbie made a cabinet to fit an antique multi-pane window and we used as a door☺.Love to hear your comments ☺


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