Brimfield MA fleamarket

I got my flea market fix tuesday at Brimfield MA flea market…aaahhhhhh. For those who are not familiar, it is a mile long strip of flea market vendors. You can find out more info
or just google brimfield and you will find scads of websites about it. I went with my twinsie sister Tania and my older sister Tina. I scored a large white tole roses tray….and a couple of vintage postcards with roses. Of course I was only there a few hours because all of us had to get back for our wee ones when they got out of school, must….go…back. Naturally they have vendors who when you see the price make you go “whhhaaat???!!!” and vendors whose prices make you dance with joy. My biggest pet peeve about fleamarket vendors (and tag sales) is when things are not priced, because you know when you ask they size you up and throw out a price they think you’ll pay. At one vendor I saw a bunch of skleleton keys mixed with old luggage keys and car keys so I asked…how much for the keys? …his reply after a few seconds of “deep thought” he said 3 and 4 dollars…each…..puh-leaze! If I had been a man……ya know they would have been a buck or less… I said to myself….rrriiiiighhhhttttt…and promply walked to the next booth. Buttheaded vendors aside I found some beauties such as these…

OOOhhh the buttons….

Love this huge oyster shelled mirror…

The cannoli me and my sisters split at lunch..

Just love this bedazzled lovely, gobs of rhinestones and pearls…..

My sister contemplated this necklace and earring combo for some time…

O how I would love to hang this in my home, sparkle-o-rama

I just loved the pale blue fabric on this bench

The many people with their finds as we left…
It was a great day to flea….


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