new white sofa slipcover

new white sofa slipcover came this am….very disappointed in quality….they just don’t make things like they used to…deep sigh. I have bought slipcovers in the past, my first one about 15 years ago was a sage chenile and it lastd a good ten plus years and did beautifully in the washer. In fact it came out softer and cozier aftr each wash, never mishaping or thinning. It was a thick heavy weight upholstry fabric, very good quality, not like todays crapola covers. I have also bought a pretty Ralph Lauren blue floral slipcover, again good quality upholstry fabric. But this new one , finally white how I love shabby chic!, not so good. I bought it via JCPneny online. I did not want a one piece, I wanted seperate covers for the cushions, to wash-flip-change out just in case of damage. First off I paid $120.00 with delivery. Not bad it was well packaged and came fast. But upon opening it….the “Twill” fabric is nothing more than bed sheeting heavienss. Th part under the cushions is made from even cheaper fabric, ah the “twill” fabric was cheesy enough they even went cheesier with some paper towel like material in the place that isn’t seen, really cutting corners there. The seperate cover for the cushions has a velcro closure not a zippr, will have to be careful washing as I don’t want the velcro ripping up the “twill” in the wash. The cover is piped which is on tiny little detail that is nice, overall it looks good now, but quaility is really low, will have to see how it does after washing…..


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