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I am tweeting on Twitter….


2 thoughts on “Tweeting on Twitter

  1. Hi Tami,

    Thanks for following me on twitter. Please do stop by my blog for a visit. I try to keep it fresh for everyone!
    Hey i was so glad to read your post about the slipcover.
    Don’t you just hate it when you get all excited and then the quality is crummy!?!
    I need to get a new slipcover for my Pottery Barn couch…OUCH…do you know that they want more for the slipcover than what i paid for the whole stinkin couch 6 years ago. So i am going to check out everything everywhere and now also JC Penny. One thing though…can you see through the white at all?

    Look forward to checking in with you. Your blog is so fun! Have a good evening.

    1. Hello Lisa, love your blog too….=) Oh crummy quality is a major pet peeve of mine! Just had to replace my washer that was only 5 years old….what the heck!? Love Pottery Barn too, but prices …EEEkkk, check out Ikea, definitely my next sofa purchase is from them, great prices & designs! Th slipcover from JCPenny isn’t too bad it just ins’t as nice as the ones I have bought in the past, washed nicely, and no you cannot see through the fabric, I have a dark floral fabric underneath and it does not come through at all… but I am not a big fan of the velcro closure for the seperate seat cover.
      Have fun blogging!

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