Yankee Candle Flagship Store

In about a 20 minute drive I can end up in Deerfield Mass. home of the original Yankee Candle Flagship Store.
Ohh Swoon, it is the stuff dreams are made of! My sister Tina, my mother and myself made the pilgramage to Deerfield last Saturday. Yankee Candles are by far THE best candles I have ever lit, and I have lit quite a few in my days. Not to mention the abundance of scents….Clean Cotton tops my faves list. Theres nothing like having all the dishes done, beds made, toys put away, everything in its place and having the dreamy scent of Clean Cotton waifing through the house, AAAAHHHHH. Here are some pics of Yankee Candle, however I did get them off the net because I forgot my camera and my cell phone at home ( I just wanted to smell me some candles..YUM)

I could not find any pics of the train that goes around the entire store (by the ceiling) on tracks and through the village. There is a whole christmas village with faux rocks, and towns, that has tiny little stars in the ceiling, a pebble path and it is always snowing. They have a Santa there at all times, and a letter writing area for children to write letters to Santa. You can find out more here to visit the site. Enjoy!


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