De-constructing Christmas

Well it is that time to take down all the decorations and the lights…thus de-constructing Christmas. This year I will be leaving my tree together and lights still strung and placing her into the garage. For years now I have been dismantling her, putting each piece (Ok only 2 plus the stand) into custom made bags that I had sewn and hauling her up two flights of stairs to store her in the attic. Whew! Not to mention having to bend back all the branches, so that I could unbend them the following year leaving my hands to look like I wrestled a gang of feral cats from all the scratches left behind from the wire branches. Upon viewing my minced hands this year I said, “Self, there has to be a better way”. Of course wondering where I can put 8 feet of tree with a girth of about 4 1/2 feet, hmmph, tall and wide, hmmm , aha! The garage, wide entrance and tall, yeah and just have to take her out the front door and down the front steps….Easy! One less holiday headache. Why hadn’t I thought of this before I wonder. Here are some pics of her majesty, my Christmas tree.

As far as faux trees go I really like this one, it is tall and full and rather lifelike looking. Minus the watering and yearly $45 charge for the tree. Though I do miss the smell, my brother had gotten a real tree this year and all I could do was stick my head in it and smell it, ahhhh! Only one way to rectify that, a balsam fir candle. My preference is Yankee Candle for they are the best smelling candles I have ever come across and I have sparked up quite a few. However I had not made the trip to the Flagship store in Deerfield in some time (though the ladies , my twinsie Tania, my mother Christine and my sister Tina) will be making the trip next saturday, Wahoo!! I will definitly get some pics while out there and post them, for if you have not been it is spectacular! So I was left with purchasing a Village Candle from the market, and I have to say, though NOT a Yankee, it was not bad. I got my tree smell! Ah Christmas.Thankfully we did finally get snow here, only a few days shy of Christmas and now only a few days after it is almost completely melted. No doubt the effects of global warming. Here are a few shots of the short visit of snow..

Those are some seriously dangerous looking icicles!

and the sky just days before the snow
Rather ominous don’t you think! Mother Nature is gone all crazy here in New England.


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