Score 1 for me against sock chaos

When it comes to housework it is never ending. One of the most tedious of all housework chores is sorting socks. I used to dread sorting socks, the mountain of white little tubes that somehow belonged to 5 different sets of feet. I used to buy what was on sale, then different brands for different people. Of course no 2 sock brands are exactly alike nor do sock companies keep the design exact. Matching short socks vs. long socks, thick ribbing to thinner ribbing, full grey sole to grey toes & heals to all white soles….just the thought of sorting socks made me cringe. One day I just up and chucked all the socks in the house! Really. I bought all hanes socks for everyone, as they seem to hold up the best in wear and washing. Then I bought little fabric paint tubes, the ones with the little pointed tops. There are several different kinds on the market (Tulip slick, polymark just to name a few). I bought mine at Walmart but they are available at craft stores as well. They cost if I remember correctly .89 cents each and come in a wide variety of colors. I bought each one of us a different color (me pink , natch =), my husband yellow, Thomas green, Sean black and Christopher blue) I put a dap on each toe and used the tip to make a flat circle, the paint is intended to be raised or puffed but I mushed it into the cotton toe. I let them dry and even in repeated washings with bleach they stay intact and true. I just grab matching colors and sort…..AAAHHHHH. I don’t dread sock sorting anymore. These fabric paints can be used for infant/toddler socks as well to make them slip resistant, just make lines or dots on the bottoms.

Sock bliss!


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