Halloween Countdown

Oh my gosh…I can’t believe halloween is less than 3 days away! My youngest, Thomas 10, was all set with his costume, or so I thought. He was all set to wear a recycled costume from his older brother. Merril (a pokemon, One must be well versed in the Pokemon names) but on a trip to Jo-Anns with my twin  sister Tania and nephews (Tony 6, Adam 4) he out of the blue wants to be Picachu instead. Luckily being a fabric stash fanatic I already had the yellow and black fabric, and it was an easier Pokemon to make, whew. So today my sister came over with her fabric and we sewed the morning away. She made Gangar for Tony and a tree pokemon (OK I am not that well versed in the Pokemon names ….) for Adam. Deep breath and sigh….I completed Thomas’ Picachu. Tania still has a few detail to finish on hers, but I will get pics as soon as they are done. Here is how Picachu turned out…..

Thomas is absolutely thrilled, it fits, he’s happy…I’m happy. Mind you I am a novice sewer and did this without a pattern, I think it turned out well. Of Course as soon as Thomas came home from school he put it on and is still wearing it…I imagine he will want to sleep in it…=)


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