Halloween-i-fying my Cottage

Halloween-i-fying my Cottage this week. Here are some of my ghoulish pics. Enjoy!
The following are of my fine feathered friend Sir Crow. I have him perched on a frame in the living room.

These are of my “killing spree” ….OK just a little red craft paint and voila! Instant frightfest, not to mention super
easy to remove.

Another example of my twisted imagination run amuck….my corpse chaulk outline with tire marks and blood, again the craft paint..
Who would of thought a .49 cent bottle of paint could dish out so much bone chilling fright!

MT TOMB…get it empty tomb…you’d be surprised how many people I had to explain that one to…The doll arm popping out add both chuckle and chill don’t ya think.

These following are just some of my Fall-i-fying.


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