Packratters Anonymous

Packratters Anonymous…Ok so not really that anonymous -D Yes I admit it, I am one, but in my defense I do  keep it fairly hidden.  I don’t keep boxes in my living areas. I keep it limited to my cellar, my attic, my garage ( no car in there|)and my 1000 square foot storage which used to be my brick and mortar store “She Sells Seashells” until I went completely online. So there I’ve said it, I am a Junque Girl. But I am totally helpless when I see a shabby beauty in a thrift store (Ok I wouldn’t be helpless if I didn’t go IN the thrift store) but they beckon me, Tami Tami Tami…vintage linens with delicate embroidery, pink rose covered china, chippy painted lovelies…they all beg me to buy them…Does that mean I hear voices ..LOL ..So maybe I am crazy..crazy in love with shabb-a-li-cious goodies. My husband begs me, please no more junk (it’s junque, the way he says it “junk” makes it sound so dirty-D) So here I am confessing my addiction, one of them anyway..he he…


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